Our Sustainability strategy

Sustainability at the HELIX HUB

At the HELIX HUB we combine design, quality, professionalism, innovation, health and sustainability to form a harmonious unit. With our sustainability strategy, we transparently communicate our commitment and show how aware we are of our responsibility towards people, the environment and society.

Why we care about sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals

We are making our contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, i.e. the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Federal Climate Change Act

We support our federal government's path to climate neutrality, which is outlined in the Federal Climate Change Act.

Action instead of reaction

We want to play an active role in shaping a better future by making a positive impact on tomorrow's world.

Green destination

Together with other partners from the tourism and event industry, we want to strengthen Berlin's performance and image as a sustainable destination.


We want to implement sustainable actions in the everyday (work) life of our employees, guests and suppliers.

Health & Environment

A clean environment is crucial for people's health. As a Healthcare Innovation Hub, we are aware of this responsibility.

“Our vision is to create a warm and professional event venue that focuses on health and the environment. We want to provide a world-class experience for our guests while being mindful of our responsibility to future generations.”

Elsa Schnaitmann

Sustainable meetings Berlin

Sustainable event planning made easy

The visitBerlin Convention Office wants Berlin to become one of the most sustainable event locations in the world. They bundle their experience and expertise in the field of sustainability in the Sustainable Meetings Berlin initiative. Their event professionals give advice on the planning and implementation of sustainable congresses and events in Berlin. They organize exceptional venues and enlist competent service providers certified according to sustainability standards for their customers convenience.

We are proud that in March 2024 our HELIX HUB has been recognized as a “high performer” of this initiative.

sustainable Meetings Berlin

Holistic sustainability

Our team responsible for sustainability, occupational safety and more:


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Focus on sustainability: Our environmentally friendly measures

Paperless office: Instead of paper, we rely on digital whiteboards, contracts and billing systems to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Sustainable catering: Our selected caterer delivers on foot and without a car and does not use disposable tableware. Instead, he relies on porcelain, glasses and bamboo tableware. Our other catering partner holds a certificate from “Sustainable Meetings Berlin” in the “High Performer” category.

Avoiding food waste: We plan our meals carefully to avoid unnecessary food waste and give leftover food to tenants from the office area.

Wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes: We aim to offer sustainable and healthy alternatives and therefore serve a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Regional beverages: We offer our guests a selection of regional beverages such as BRLO beer and Proviant Schorle to reduce our carbon footprint.

Water filtration system with C02: We use a water filtration system with CO2 and serve the water in carafes to conserve resources.

Clean waste separation: In our event kitchens we pay attention to waste separation and thus contribute to waste avoidance and reduction.

Energy saving: We focus on energy saving through light detectors and heating regulators. Our cooling system is also sustainable with a chilled ceiling that runs on tap water and stops cooling when doors and windows are open.

Eco friendly connection: The HELIX HUB is optimally connected to public transportation and we provide our employees with a BVG card. A bicycle parking space is also available.

Sustainable cleaning: We focus on the purchase of new cleaning machines for stone floors, which do not require cleaning agents due to vibration technology.

Green electricitiy: Since mid-2023, we have been using green electricity for the entire HELIX HUB in order to make a greater contribution to climate protection.

Employee satisfaction: Our company places great value on the satisfaction of our employees and has developed a concept that includes concrete measures to increase employee satisfaction. We run annual employee surveys and regularly adapt our measures to increase employee satisfaction.

Personal development: The personal development of each employee is strengthened and promoted in development meetings. We financially support the further training of our employees in order to expand their skills.

Occupational health and safety: An occupational health and safety concept has been developed for our employees to ensure their safety and health at work.

Equal pay: At our company, employees – regardless of their gender – receive the same salary for the same work, which is determined individually on the basis of qualifications, professional experience, performance, responsibility and market conditions.

Flexible working models: We offer flexible working models that can be arranged individually with management to meet the needs of our employees.

Suggestion scheme: Our employees can actively participate in the design of their workplace and make suggestions.

Accessibility: The HELIX HUB has been designed barrier-free to facilitate access to our Innovation Hub for all employees and guests.

Quality assurance: Quality assurance is achieved through the use of checklists and manuals for each department. The checklists and manuals are continuously revised and improved to meet current requirements.

Stakeholder management: The company’s stakeholders have been clearly defined, including the interests and needs of each party. Regular meetings are held to discuss mutual expectations and wishes and to provide open, transparent and fair answers to key questions.

Risk management: Risk analysis was carried out to identify and assess the risks facing the company. New structures and processes were created to minimize these risks and ensure effective risk management.

Laws and regulations: The HELIX HUB is committed to complying with applicable laws and company regulations. To this end, compliance guidelines have been introduced that must be observed by all employees.

Data protection: The protection of personal data is our highest priority. We comply with all legal requirements on data protection and have published corresponding data protection guidelines. In addition, our employees receive regular training to ensure the protection of personal data.

Sustainable corporate vision: The HELIX HUB has developed a clear sustainable corporate vision that includes a strategy and concrete goals. This vision takes into account environmental, social and economic aspects and is continuously reviewed and adapted. With our extra section about sustainability on the HELIX HUB website, we want to transparently share our efforts and goals with customers and stakeholders.

Certification as a sustainable event location: We are actively working to obtain certification with Sustainable Meetings Berlin and to be listed as a sustainable event venue. This includes measures such as reducing CO2 emissions, using sustainable materials and promoting local suppliers.

Find  out here what goals we have set for the future.

Further information

Here you will find a collection of documents that underscore our commitment to environmental friendliness, diversity and responsible action.