Meeting & conference spaces

Ready-to-use meeting & conference spaces

Meeting & conference spaces with adjustable room layouts and state-of-the-art technology in the Berlin city center.


Whether you celebrate a breakthrough idea, hold a conference or plan an industry event, use our spacious venues for up to 90 participants (corona conform 50 participants), with on-site catering.

Ikigai: This is Japanese for the intersection between – you love what you do + you do what you are good at + what the world needs.


120 m²


For up to 90 participants
(corona conform 50)


For work sessions or investor presentations book one of our elegant meeting rooms for up to 26 participants (corona conform up to 12) with state-of-the-art technology.

The large meeting room, “WATSON & CRICK”, can be split into two small meeting rooms.

James Watson & Francis Crick are the two scientists responsible for discovering the DNA-double helix.


60,7 m²


For up to 26 participants
(corona conform 12)


The INNOVATION LAB is an exclusive project space, completely furnished and equipped. The layout is flexible and can be easily adjusted. Ideal for longer projects, during which you and your team can privately work without being disturbed.


53,4 m²


For up to 26 participants
(corona conform 12)


The smaller conference space “KOMOREBI” is suitable for more private events. The Japanese garden and the natural light that fills the space ensures a pleasant atmosphere.

Komorebi refers to the sunlight shining through the leaves of trees, creating a sort of dance between the light and the leaves.


39,5 m²


For up to 20 participants
(corona conform 6)


Room for max. 8 participants (corona conform 6), 55” electronic whiteboard with touch screen and a video and telephone conferencing solution.

Rosalind Franklin: Her work led to an advanced understanding of the DNA’s structure.
Linus Pauling: He made it possible for geneticists to crack the DNA code of all organisms.
Maurice Wilkins: He is best known for using X-ray diffraction images of DNA that contributed to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA.


23,2 m²


For up to 8 participants
(corona conform 4)

Fully equipped and ready-to-use

All meeting and conference spaces are fully equipped with all features you might need.

High-Speed internet

Physical whiteboards

Print and office supplies

Access to private terrace

Pantry for breaks and refreshment

Drinks and Snacks

Video and telephone conferencing solution

Electronic whiteboards with touch screen

+ Add-on Services

Catering Service

Our catering service provides delicious food: whether it's finger food, working lunches, coffee breaks or wine & cheese.

Technical Support

Upon request, for more complex meetings and conferences, we provide you with additional meeting equipment, camera, lighting & sound equipment with technical support.

Live Stream

Reach more people with live streaming. We support you with broadcasting your live conference and engage your audience anywhere.


Whether you’re hosting a business meeting or a press conference, our simultaneous translation service ensures your content is understood in different languages.

Meeting & conference spaces

Interested in our modern meeting spaces? We look forward to hearing from you!

Portrait of Elsa Schnaitmann

Elsa Schnaitmann

Strategy and Business Development Director

“HELIX HUB is giving you the best condition to spark innovation. On 3300 m² you will find the equipment, the space and the intimacy you need. I’m happy to guide you around!”

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